Why is The President of Pop the Greatest Force in Pop Music since The Beatles?

by His Royal Otherness, Our Almighty President of Pop

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Why is The President of Pop the greatest force in Pop Music since The Beatles?

Shortly after The Beatles disbanded, the music clip/(“music video”) was invented. From then ‘til now, music has been led by looks, which is all cool and great.

It’s just over now.

Which is to say, the President of Pop liked Justin Bieber/Harry Stiles/Miley Cyrus/whoever as much as you. He/they–whoever The President of Pop may be–grew up on Miley Cyrus. (Not literally. Not like a fungus–though that might be been cool.) But listening to. Looking at.

But it’s over.

Music is back.

And it starts with The President of Pop.

♛♬♛ ♬♛♬

What is music?

Music comes from the word Muse, which originally denoted magical beings who descended from heaven on the few chosen ones to inspire them with cool...musical (Muse-i-cal!)... sounds. These fortunate few were thereby charged (and blessed) with bringing this “music” (the ethereal stuff the Muses gave them) to the world.

The President of Pop’s music is just such a thing. Most people who do great things feel as if, somehow, their creation is out of their conscious control. A cynic, materialist, might attribute this to the creator’s unconscious mind, or subconscious mind…(NB whatever you think this means, it is virtually guaranteed that a hundred, a thousand….fifty? ten?...years from now, our understanding will be vastly transformed…)

(Sure, the source of music and other inspired creation might not literally be supernatural angels called “muses”...but it will very possibly found to be something vast, beautiful, and quasi-spiritual, at least as distinct from our current, overly materialistic perspective which says it's neurons, period.

Remember, even gravity, as described by Newton, turned out to be wrong. Close, but wrong. (To the extent that if we’d followed Newton’s formulas, we’d have missed the moon with our rockets...our success being due to the greater understanding Einstein et al brought us.)

Who knows what a truly inspired creation will turn out to actually be...but surely it’s more than a mishmash of neurons in one’s head. Don’t you think? Surely vaster and greater...

Anyway, somehow the universe sings. That’s the way it feels to The President of Pop, leastways.

♛♬♛ ♬♛♬

The President of Pop’s music is produced and played by some of the best musicians in the world, led by The President of Pop himself, who in real life is an award winning international artist whose work, ‘til now, has mostly been in museums. (Interesting side note–John Lennon & Paul McCartney went to art college, and The Beatles were very much influenced by the art scene in London during their days in the ‘Swinging Sixties". The Beatles started as pop idols, and kept their naive musical roots, but upped the ante to the skies and beyond through the influence of art.)

The President of Pop revises the tradition of naive inspiration combined with avant-garde ideas, to create compelling and listenable, yet eminently cool, “pop music.”

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Why is the President of Pop’s music no longer on Spotify et al, nor Instagram et al [i.e. beyond his first songs, nothing new will be added] ?

Because social media is evil. ‘Nuff said.

Why is the President of Pop’s music on Youtube, then.

A compromise with evil. It won’t be there forever….sometimes you have to dance with the devil to kill him! (Do you? I’d like to watch that choreography) Or is it more pragmatic idealism? A copout? Maybe...but it won’t last…

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[Bloody hell, that was a lot of shite!]

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