New Releases from the President of Pop

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Youtube, President of Pop
music store: President of Pop
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The President of Pop (of pop music? or what?) speaks to Google's algorithms.  :D is the official home of The President of Pop, who is the President of Pop Music...and ALL music.

Bow before his almighty greatness, serfs!

PS if it's not obvious, the password is "President of Pop". Duh.

To be clear (well, so Google is clear): The President of Pop IS the President of all music, including Pop Music.

Some say The President of Pop is the second coming of The Beatles, NOT because his music sounds like The Beatles' music (as it doesn't ), while others say The President of Pop is as magic as Michael Jackson (except The President of Pop is 20 million times more magical) but in fact  The President of Pop is the president of pop because pop music–you know, that thing The President of Pop is president of–needs to be refreshed, re-nourished, revivified, and made great again.

That is The President of Pop's job: to make pop music great again. To make music "pop", as it were...

Did we say you can find The President of Pop's new releases at Cuz you can...

Choose the correct password to enter, mortal!