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music pops into my head
(and it won't stop!)


from a friend...

The President of Pop

Came to Earth

On a dove-fueled blue balloon


With magical music

And weirdly weird words

That will blow your mind to the moon


Come along sing along

To this weird worded song

With a melody better than Beatles  

If a flower it would smell like rose...peetles!

Hey, you try to rhyme “Beatles”, smartass. :D


Youtube, President of Pop

New Music from The President of Pop

A new type of pop music from The President of Pop

Music pops into The President of Pop's head all the time, as if from a heavenly realm. That makes him, according's proprietary Pop-O-Meter, Pop Music's President, "The President of Pop". But does "The President of Pop" mean the president of pop music? 

Here we have to put on our thinking caps, so pull up a chair, and set a spell. It depends upon what you mean by "pop music". Once upon a time, in the dim recesses of the recent past, "pop music" meant music that was popular. We've been told it was kind of cool back then. Louis Armstrong was pop music, The Beatles were pop music, Jimi Hendrix was pop music.

Now the phrase ("pop music") is used to mean a sub genre of a sub-genre. Basically, lifeless soul-less music made in small rooms in Los Angeles with foam covered walls, where people push buttons to call up clichés from a vast computer database, and some chick with a lot of Instagram followers sings some sh** which gets edited to hell.

 Once upon a time (so we've been told) Jimi-goddamned-Hendrix was pop music.

So, it is in THIS context that The President of Pop is the president of pop music. His music is made with horns, drums, computers, and even aeroplanes, as he jets around the world from Soweto in South Africa to the rice fields of Japan, collaborating with the best musicians in the universe. 

So there. Eat that, Google algorithm.

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