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I am the President of Pop (and you’re not)

Youtube, President of Pop

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The (World-wide)  Share Music Project

1 Million People Play on 1 Song  (Sneak Peak)

1 Million People Play on 1 Song (Sneak Peak)

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Music pops into my head, and I give it to you (not necessarily “pop music”, just the music that pops into my head.)
I also go around the world, getting everyone I can find to play along and "Share Music".
A band of four or five people? No. A band of the entire world.

I also go because...girls...

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The Music Solution?
Join the Pop Music Revolution!


But...what is pop music?


From The President of Pop's Ordinary Dictionary of Extraordinary Terms, v.19.84

Pop Music (noun)



UK  /pɒpmjuː.zɪk/ US  /pɑpmjuː.zɪk/

1)  Music that is popular 

2)  A style of music that sucks

3) The music that pops into The President of Pop's head, which rocks, and is great.

ex. Our neighbours are very inconsiderate–they're always playing pop music. We should kill them.


Our neighbours are very considerate–they're always playing The President of Pop’s music. We should praise them.



On New Releases and New Music from the Inscrutably Divine, the (Literally) Celestial, and the Magnificently Musical...President of Pop! (and you're not!)

Are the President of Pop’s Pop Songs Pop Songs?


Once upon a time, oh people of Earth, pop music meant any music that was popular. On the top pop charts, once upon a time, in long ago days and shadowy nights, Louis Armstrong and Jimi Hendrix co-existed happily. And the same people, the same audience, liked both!


The President of Pop’s pop music harkens back to that day as it points to a glorious rejuvenated future (often in the course of one song). There are, for example, horns (a la Louis Armstrong) and drums (like Beatle's drummer Ringo Starr?) perhaps alongside sampled drums, or guitars and synths, or all at once...?!

(Generally) played by real people. Great people. Superb musicians. Some legendary. All magically great. Imagine that!

(or just listen)


Pop music that in no way, shape, nor form could be categorized, algorithmically, or any other way, as a particular genre. This is why The President of Pop’s music is music the way pop music should be (and shall be!): popular because it’s unique and catchy and magnificent, not because–Lord help us!–it sounds almost exactly like every other piece of computer generated trash out there.


Just saying...


The President of Pop’s planet (Asteroid P-420, the tiny dot just to the left of the third dimmest star in the sky tonight), by the way, is as multifaceted as his music–in fact: it’s rainbow coloured. 


Leaves your polluted blue green planet in the (literal) dust. (Just saying...)


Youtube, President of Pop
music store: President of Pop

WHAT DO THE LYRICS OF YOUR magnificently popular pop music on (Pop Music's Official Home) MEAN?


People (well, straw men)  sometimes query our Almighty P.o.P. thusly: “Your Almighty Popness,  what is your "pop song" “about”.


Ah, the deluded fools.  As if songs are a kind of code. These straw men seem to think that someone says to himself, for example, “I like that girl. But that’s just too obvious, So rather than singing ‘I like that girl’, I’ll instead sing 'When stars drip their juice on my honey colored garbage, the rot begins to smell like roses.'” [edit: hey, that’s not so bad... hmm...]

In fact, it’s like asking what is the meaning of a sunset? What is the purpose of the universe?


What is the purpose of a song?


There is (but) one possible explanation that can be put into words which applies to The President of Pop’s music:


Once upon time there was nothing. Now there is something.


Isn’t that better?


Once upon a time there was silence. Now there’s music.


A sufficient answer, at least in our Holiness', His Almighty President of Popness' salubrious, celestial (literally) mind.

And thus it is...

(c) GMI 20??-2022

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