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Miss You (Before You're Gone) Mix 1

exclusive, at least for now, on (no spotify, no youtube, no algorithms...)


"Miss You (Before You're Gone)" is kinda cool, heard in stereo...

"Miss You (Before You're Gone)" is real. Thus on some kind of purity principle, "Miss You (Before You're Gone)" will only be on, away from all that BS, (Spotify, algorithns, yech,) at least for now.

"Miss You (Before You're Gone)" is made from a feeling, (it's not about a feeling, recalled later, for a quick-hit wonder), but is from that feeling, of that feeling, in that feeling. Most of the instruments...or at least the first ones recorded, were as spontaneous as the feeling that made the song...for example, an acoustic guitar played as a slide guitar, using a nearby pen as the slide. It would have ruined the mood if our Great President of Pop had looked for something "proper" with which to play the guitar . (semi-sic.)

The emotions were real.

The whole feeling of Miss You (Before You're Gone) came over His Excellency, il Presidenté Popo, about 20 metres from the sea, in November or February or some gray and mournful month, when the clouds were like a blanket covering the sleepy beach town as it slumbered through the winter...

The feelings couldn't have been more real. The thought of the girl, about whom "Miss You (Before You're Gone)" was written, made our dearly belovéd P.o.P. feel like gray beach skies, in a formerly sunny place, shivering, forgotten, and alone...

The sincerity of "Miss You (Before You're Gone)" is matched by the simplicity of the only way (at least now) for you to show your appreciation. If you understand that red number up above, that's all you need to know...and thank you, also thanks to those grey clouds that helped create this song, (with at least a hint of sun behind them....)


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