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One Song, Billions of Singers: Share Music #1

The idea (and the reality) of The ShareMusic Project came the way all good things come to people lucky enough to be part of something good:

Haphazardly, and somewhat miraculously.

If you want to know what I really mean, Googl

e Iain McGilchrist. He can explain it a lot better than me. Also, I’m just recovering from Covid, and can’t really explain much at the mo’.

The only thing I’ll (attempt to) say is this: If you approach music the way most people approach life…well, good luck (you’ll need it!).


If you approach life the way musicians approach music…well, you won’t need as much luck.

You’ll be the luck.

To conclude:, writing about music makes about as much sense as humming about a book (or dancing your tax return, if you’re old enough to pay taxes.)

Just remember:

Share yeah share the music

Share yeah share the joy…


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