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SMILE (in your heart)

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What is the President of Pop’s new music video/song, "SMILE (in your heart)", about?

Is it “pop music”? Or popular because it’s NOT pop music? Or is The President of Pop part of a vanguard making all music, including pop music, more musical? You decide.

This new song by The President of Pop, “SMILE (in your heart)" rocks as it pops open the door to a new heavenly direction for all music. The President of Pop's innovative jazz and horn influences and mid-tempo hip-hop feel recall the musical machinations, conflations, and innovations of the times of The Beatles, when pop music was about expanding minds and culture, rather than conforming to clichés to please the algorithms of Orwellian entities such as Google, which long ago got rid of its former motto,“Don’t Be Evil”, seemingly as it was just too ironic. And so it goes….

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