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What (the &^#!) is "Fly​/​Shine ("I Have a Dream" Remix)" ABOUT?!?!?!

The following message was transmitted from The President of Pop's home on Asteroid P-420, (the tiny dot just to the left of the third dimmest star in the sky tonight).

Asteroid Date: 59/ChickenWatusi/72hf0adf

Before modern science existed, your Earth's Shakespeare documented love. You humans do fall in love–just as people on my planet do

Anyway, love happens in approximately the same way that anyone with a muse makes songs, or paintings, or anything like that. If anyone could pretend to explain "what it's about"–love, or this song–his explanation might be well intentioned, but about as useful as a baker giving brain surgery classes.

Which is to say not very useful, and possibly leading to some unfortunate results

But I digress...(c.f. HC)


So, what is the song "I Have a Dream (Fly/Shine Remix)" about?

Go and ask the muses...I asked one of them, once, but she smiled her inscrutable smile, flew up to the stars, and spent the night laughing at me along with about half a dozen heavenly bodies (and boy did they have heavenly bodies!) (c.f. GM)

But I digress (again)...

So I've learned not to ask these kinds of questions.

Maybe feeling-things–as opposed to thought-things–like the songs that fly into someone's mind when half-dreaming–are ultimately unexplainable. Just like love. You can't explain it, but more than that, why would you want to, when trying to understand only makes muses and stars laugh at you?

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13 nov 2020

Ahh...what a beautifully written screed. Sends shivers to the depths of my very being...My first post, wow! :D

Me gusta
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