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Word Nerd Story....

by Our Grand and Glorious President of Pop

Asteroid Date: P96/B17/firefly/9

I went with my friend to her school library during the lockdown. They DID open it up. You had to make an appointment, though. When we finally got there...YOU COULDN'T TOUCH THE BOOKS! (They might be dirty!!) So, I sat there, and thought and thought (and dreamed and dreamed as I fell asleep....) And woke up with this song in my head: “Word Nerd”.

♛♬♛ ♬♛♬

We broke into the library at three in the morning, a few weeks later, to film this. :D (A friend worked there, so, not exactly breaking in...) And now from The President of Pop's imagination into your eyes and ears.... The point of all The President of Pop's stuff is to remind you to "live more", and "'internet' less"....This is why, at least for now, this song–Word Nerd–is not even on Spotify or whatever (just the P.o.P's own site,, at least for now....) because we don't want to encourage people to wade in the filthy waters of algorithms, corporate AI controlling artistic decisions (i.e. algos recommending songs), all of which helps kill your imagination, intuition, and inspiration (the three "I"s!) *** THE 3 Is *** There's a spirit that moves people to do great things...the spirit comes through imagination, intuition, and inspiration (3 things that algos slaughter)... Not that Word Nerd is a "great thing", exactly...(or, then again, maybe it is!)... So there!

♛♬♛ ♬♛♬

Stay Connected, but NOT Infected: As part of The President of Pop's creed of ** less internet, more life ** we're hoping he'll (we'll?) do as little social media as, to get this song, Word Nerd, please sign up at, and we might....get this(!)...send an email (haha!) when we have more stuff. (Yeah, but there's a REASON behind it. The President of Pop detests large censoring organisations, such as Apple, Facebook, Twitter, etc., standing between anyone and his free speech, art, dance, or singing.) Especially ours... So, a bit old fashioned, but it is the ONLY way to ensure free speech. (PS, you can subscribe for $3/year–yes, that's right, per YEAR–or just sign up free...the point is to keep a direction connection, unfiltered by the large neo-fascist censoring organisations such as Facebook et al.) Yours, The President of Pop (Music etc.) Project :D

♛♬♛ ♬♛♬

Post Script….

Q. So why, then, are you on Youtube, hypocrite!!!

A. Hey, well, gotta start somewhere... :D

♛♬♛ ♬♛♬


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